Newly loved lippies from a newly loved hang out place

So I have been trying to purchase these new lippies from (an online store for cosmetics and other things that any make-up enthusiast would love) but being the non so much of a web litterate that I am, I couldn’t seem to navigate my way through the purchase.
Luckily, make-up hub had actual branches/stalls in other make-up stores/shopping malls that I could go to. I chose their branch in tiendesitas since it was the one nearest from my place and because I was quite familiar with it.
Tiendesitas is located in Ortigas, one of the business districts here in the Philippines. I was familiar with the place because 1. The company I used to work for had a head office there and 2. It is one of the more polpular go to places if you wanted outlets or stores that sold affordable clothes or antique items. Although it was quite different from how I remembered it (due to the recent renovation/s), I fell in love with how the place is now. There were more stores to check out, they gread variety of food stalls were still there, there was more parking space, there were stalls selling organic stuff, stalls selling popular filipino snacks and most of all, there was th specific stall selling this divine brewed coffee. But it does not stop there, I found that the foot traffic was really good since the place was not crowded at all even though it was a Saturday afternoon.
Here’s a picture of of the divine coffee I have fallen in love with (we had chicharon with laman along with it – so unhealthy, I know (HAHA).
Moving on, my sole intention for my tiendesitas stop over was to purchase 2 things: 1. MUA Matte lipstick (in peach) because it was on sale and I wanted to try it out and 2. Batiste dry shampoo because I need it…(I think). Unfortunately(or not) the impulsive buyer in me kicked in and I ended up going home with 3 lippies instead. I got 2 MUA matte lipsticks and one MUA Luxe lip lacquer. I’m quite proud of myself though cause even though I had the whole back of my left hand covered in a variety of lipstick shades -as well as some primers ,foundations ,eye shadows and blushers- I only went home with 3 items. As soon as I got in the car, I tried on the matte lipstick; I put on the peach one first since I find that it was the shade that fits me best; And I loved it!
This is me wearing the peach shade lipstick (and that guy is my boyfriend -yes, he accompanies me when I go shopping).
My new lip stuff! 😀
The other item that I got was MUA luxe lip lacquer. It’s similar to the currently popular, lime crime only way more affordable. Although I haven’t tried out lime crime yet, I can say that MUA Luxe was is a good buy! I swatched it on the back of my hand and I though the color was just gorgeous. Since I’m not that comfortable wearing red lip shades, I decided to try it out when I got home. My 5 year old cousin and I love it!
(please don’t mind the back ground. LOL)
Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I’m definitely going back to make-up hub to purchase Batiste dry shampoo and finally get to try it out. I plan to get the other colors of MUA Luxe and MUA matte lipsticks too!