New eyeliner pencil love! (Prestige vs Milani)

Okay, so let me start of by saying, Prestige waterproof eye liner has been in my personal make-up kit for quite some time now. I never felt any hesitation in buying a new one as I saw it as one of my make-up staples.

What I was so fond of about it is how it is extremely long wearing and how it stays in place for hours!Pricing was definitely not an issue as it only costs around 300Php (about $6-$7) I was also pretty happy on how intense the color was.

I used to have the pencil type, like this one:



Then I learned that they had automatic ones (no sharpening required), so I switched to this:


I was (and still am) satisfied with the quality I was getting from it but, a few weeks back, I’ve been hearing good reviews about this “Milani Liquid Eye Pencil”. I got curious and I just new I had to try it. This is how it looks like:


Last February, Digital Traincase ( had a sale and I just had to grab the opportunity to get one! As soon as I did, I swatched it on the back of my left hand and on that very moment, I knew I was going to love this new product. It just glides so smoothly! I’m so amazed as to how it feels so much like using liquid eye liner even though it was a pencil but it sets on its own a few seconds after. The color was extremely bright that one glide is enough to get that intense pigmentation. The price was good enough as it was only around 300Php (about $6-$7) too!  The only factor left for me to determine was its lasting power and it still delivered! I have worn it to work a few times now and I never had the need to retouch it. Me wearing makeup product to work, for me, is the best lasting power determinant. I usually commute going to work, go on duty for about 9-12 hours (depending on the workload) then commute back home. So for a make-up product to survive at least half of my day at work, it mush really be long lasting. I enjoyed how this liquid eye pencil survived my whole shift. It was truly a value for my buck! I’m such a happy and satisfied costumer.