My first gig as a Make-up artist

My first time to teach Basic and Personal Make-up!

Okay, so maybe this was not my first gig (ever) but it’s the first gig that I organized as  Make-up artist. I had loads of fun meeting, teaching, chatting and spending time with these 5 girls!

Here’s a picture of all of us while we were studying different eye shadow and eye liner techniques:Image


Pardon my very bare face! LOL!

My favorite part was when I was fixing their eyebrows! As I often say to my students, I’m pretty particular with eyebrows. I always want them looking neat yet fabulous! 

Our snacks were the bomb! Thanks my good friend Angelicum for the carrot cake, the lakas-aka-healthy-living water, the chips and not to mention the heavenly sandwhich!



This a special experience for me because it was my first every teaching gig and it was my first time to teach something I really enjoy doing (personal make-up!).

WIll be posting pictures from my other workshop classes soon!


My first post ever!

Good day!

I’m very much hyped up to finally have my own make-up diary!


Through this site I will be sharing my various experiences as a freelance make-up artist as well as create make-up reviews and photo tutorial of different make-up looks!


Blog you soon! 🙂