Photo tutorial: Green smokey eye

Posting a photo tutorial on a simple green smokey eye look! 🙂

Sorry the pictures are not that clear, I’m still saving up for a better camera. haha! 



Step 1: Prime your eyes.

Step 2: Pat on light green eye shadow on the inner until mid part of your lids.

Step 3: Pat on a brighter & shimmery green eye shadow on top of the light green eye shadow.

Step 4: Add a darker & matte green on the mid until the outer part of your lids.

Step 5: Using a blending brush, sweep brown over your crease, this will help blend out the harsh edges.

Step 6: Pile on some mascara.

Step 7: Add on a a winged eye liner! 😀



Street Fashion Fun!

I was lucky enough to collaborate with an amazing Australian photographer last month! He was on his was to the Philippines and he was looking for make-up artists and models to shoot with in his short visit and fortunately, I was one of the few who got that chance!

I was actually surprised to find out that he was a foreigner, and Australian to be specific. I really thought that he was a FIlipino the whole time we were exchanging e-mails. I didn’t know until the model, my friend and I were already in the hotel lobby waiting for him to go down. I was very much curious and since I knew that the model had previously worked with him, I just had to ask her. Hahaha!

Anyway, the shoot went by quick. It only took us over 4 hours for both looks. I decided not to change her hair for the 2nd look anymore since I thought it was still went well with the look. The shoot was done in one of the busy streets of Makati, we started preparing at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and Michael began taking photos at around 6 in the evening. I must say though, I was really glad my friend-and fellow make-up artist- was there to help out since she knew a but about photography. She was able to help both me and the photographer a lot!

Here’s a few samples of the looks I did that night 🙂




Oops. I can’t seem to post the other photos, the files might bee too big. Oh well..

I’ll try to post the rest of the shots next time..


Much love!

Nadine 🙂


Trying out pop art make-up :)

…also tagged as the “comic book make-up”. 

So yesterday, I was on leave from work because I was supposed to attend a Christmas party. Unfortunately, I had a very bad migraine and was in no mood to go to a party. I was, however, in the mood to put on make-up. hahaha!

One look that has become very popular these days (particularly last Halloween season) is the “comic book/cartoon character make-up” or “Pop art Make-up”. And I thought that yesterday was the perfect day to try it! LOL!

And so I did…



I didn’t realize it would be that fun! All my pictures looked funny to me! hahaha!

You can also view more pictures from my page:

Much love,


Make-up how to: Natural looking black eyeliner

Ever since I’ve started out doing make-up professionally, I have grown tired of vividly lined black pencil eyeliners. I love black pencil eye liners (Prestige – to be specific) but I have issues on them looking unnatural, specially when I’m at the office. I mean, some days they look okay that way but some days I just want them to look more subtle or more natural.

Here’s a technique I do to achieve that:



Just line your upper and lower lids then smudge it using an angled eye liner/eyebrow brush!

Easy and simple right? 🙂

Pageant Hair and Make-up!

So it was my first time to do hair and make-up for a pageant, I didn’t realize how fun (altough tiring) it would be!

My client is a student from Mapua Institute of Technology, she is currently taking up and engineering course (Beauty and brains I tell you!).

She was a pleasant girl and my clients were both her and her partner. I was there for 9 solid hours but I didn’t even notice that 9 hous had gone by. Eventhough I knew I have been there for hours, I had a lot of fun doing different looks and chit chatting with the other make-up artists.

Here are a few photos (that I grabbed from my clients’ facebook page with her consent – just so we’re clear! LOL):




And, here are a few close up pictures that I was able to take from my (not so clear) camera that needs replacement. HAHA!



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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! :)

December in the Philippines is indeed the busiest month of the year, not just for make-up artists but for everyone!

I’m very excited because I have a number of clients lined up for this month and among them will be a soon to be bride. It makes me even more giddy because I will be doing Airbrush Make-up once again and I.JUST.LOVE.AIRBRUSH.MAKEUP! Hahaha!

Here are a few of my Bridal Airbrush works from my portfolio:


The model here is one of my workmates, her name is Maridan Vecino. Aside from being a part of my bridal hair and make-up portfolio, she is also lined up as one of my bridal hair and make-up clients next year! Yes, she’s getting married and modeling for a bridal hair and make-up served as a perfect preview for her.


My upcoming client will be in Cavite and that makes it much more amazing because, even though that’s not that far away, I love traveling too! 

Yay! Can’t wait!

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