My awardee clients from Shell!

I’m feeling extremely blessed to have done hair and make-up for these 3 amazing achievers for a very special event!

Big thanks to my friend, Brian for the referral!

Let me show you a few pictures..


The first one I did was Ella, I was really happy on how the things turned out. She’s such a cool no-fuzz girl!

Unfortunately, things got too busy and I forgot to take before pictures of the other two..


The second one was Phai, she was requesting for a no make-up look but wanted a bit of drama on her eyes. My mom and I were shocked to find out what her real age was.. She looks so young!


The last one I did was Ayi. Her request was simple. She just wanted a smokey eye look. I chose to do this simple one since it suited her personality & styling. Ayi also happens to be my friend’s (Brian) girlfriend. 


#powerful hahaha! Thanks a lot ladies! 😀


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Norjanah-Junaid Wedding

Had loads of fun experiencing a Muslim wedding!

Here are a few of the photos I was able to take that day. 😀


The bride, Norjanah.


Me with the bride in her complete look. (I don’t know why this photo looks like it was taken during the 80s. LOL)


A closer look of her before & after shots.

So sad I was not able to take pictures of her with her husband.. Oh well. 

Anyway, overall, it was (as usual) a very fun experience! 


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Bridal Client: Shane Silagan-De Guzman

So happy to have done Bridal Hair and Makeup for one of my college friends.

She has been away for quite some time as she was working in the middle east as a nurse. It came as a surprise to me to be able to see her again after about 3 or 4 years!

Being the very simple girl that she is, she requested for a simple day make-up with a loose side swept  pony tail with curls. But she surprised me when she opted for the full falsies instead of the natural looking one (suited her better though).

Here are a few photos:


(Yes. That’s me on the side. Hahaha!)



…that’s me again behind the very pretty bride. 😀


My beautiful client-friend! 🙂

Thank you Shane for your trust.



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Bridal Client: Joca Mapua-Casas

My very calm, cool and accommodating client last April 9, 2014. I really enjoyed how she specifically requested for a smokey eye look when I’m used to brides asking me to do a natural or no make-up look for their wedding day.

Before and After shots:



The bridal make-up look and hair style:


A few glamour shots I took via my substandard camera. Haha!



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New eyeliner pencil love! (Prestige vs Milani)

Okay, so let me start of by saying, Prestige waterproof eye liner has been in my personal make-up kit for quite some time now. I never felt any hesitation in buying a new one as I saw it as one of my make-up staples.

What I was so fond of about it is how it is extremely long wearing and how it stays in place for hours!Pricing was definitely not an issue as it only costs around 300Php (about $6-$7) I was also pretty happy on how intense the color was.

I used to have the pencil type, like this one:



Then I learned that they had automatic ones (no sharpening required), so I switched to this:


I was (and still am) satisfied with the quality I was getting from it but, a few weeks back, I’ve been hearing good reviews about this “Milani Liquid Eye Pencil”. I got curious and I just new I had to try it. This is how it looks like:


Last February, Digital Traincase ( had a sale and I just had to grab the opportunity to get one! As soon as I did, I swatched it on the back of my left hand and on that very moment, I knew I was going to love this new product. It just glides so smoothly! I’m so amazed as to how it feels so much like using liquid eye liner even though it was a pencil but it sets on its own a few seconds after. The color was extremely bright that one glide is enough to get that intense pigmentation. The price was good enough as it was only around 300Php (about $6-$7) too!  The only factor left for me to determine was its lasting power and it still delivered! I have worn it to work a few times now and I never had the need to retouch it. Me wearing makeup product to work, for me, is the best lasting power determinant. I usually commute going to work, go on duty for about 9-12 hours (depending on the workload) then commute back home. So for a make-up product to survive at least half of my day at work, it mush really be long lasting. I enjoyed how this liquid eye pencil survived my whole shift. It was truly a value for my buck! I’m such a happy and satisfied costumer.

Newly loved lippies from a newly loved hang out place

So I have been trying to purchase these new lippies from (an online store for cosmetics and other things that any make-up enthusiast would love) but being the non so much of a web litterate that I am, I couldn’t seem to navigate my way through the purchase.
Luckily, make-up hub had actual branches/stalls in other make-up stores/shopping malls that I could go to. I chose their branch in tiendesitas since it was the one nearest from my place and because I was quite familiar with it.
Tiendesitas is located in Ortigas, one of the business districts here in the Philippines. I was familiar with the place because 1. The company I used to work for had a head office there and 2. It is one of the more polpular go to places if you wanted outlets or stores that sold affordable clothes or antique items. Although it was quite different from how I remembered it (due to the recent renovation/s), I fell in love with how the place is now. There were more stores to check out, they gread variety of food stalls were still there, there was more parking space, there were stalls selling organic stuff, stalls selling popular filipino snacks and most of all, there was th specific stall selling this divine brewed coffee. But it does not stop there, I found that the foot traffic was really good since the place was not crowded at all even though it was a Saturday afternoon.
Here’s a picture of of the divine coffee I have fallen in love with (we had chicharon with laman along with it – so unhealthy, I know (HAHA).
Moving on, my sole intention for my tiendesitas stop over was to purchase 2 things: 1. MUA Matte lipstick (in peach) because it was on sale and I wanted to try it out and 2. Batiste dry shampoo because I need it…(I think). Unfortunately(or not) the impulsive buyer in me kicked in and I ended up going home with 3 lippies instead. I got 2 MUA matte lipsticks and one MUA Luxe lip lacquer. I’m quite proud of myself though cause even though I had the whole back of my left hand covered in a variety of lipstick shades -as well as some primers ,foundations ,eye shadows and blushers- I only went home with 3 items. As soon as I got in the car, I tried on the matte lipstick; I put on the peach one first since I find that it was the shade that fits me best; And I loved it!
This is me wearing the peach shade lipstick (and that guy is my boyfriend -yes, he accompanies me when I go shopping).
My new lip stuff! 😀
The other item that I got was MUA luxe lip lacquer. It’s similar to the currently popular, lime crime only way more affordable. Although I haven’t tried out lime crime yet, I can say that MUA Luxe was is a good buy! I swatched it on the back of my hand and I though the color was just gorgeous. Since I’m not that comfortable wearing red lip shades, I decided to try it out when I got home. My 5 year old cousin and I love it!
(please don’t mind the back ground. LOL)
Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I’m definitely going back to make-up hub to purchase Batiste dry shampoo and finally get to try it out. I plan to get the other colors of MUA Luxe and MUA matte lipsticks too!

Photo tutorial: Green smokey eye

Posting a photo tutorial on a simple green smokey eye look! 🙂

Sorry the pictures are not that clear, I’m still saving up for a better camera. haha! 



Step 1: Prime your eyes.

Step 2: Pat on light green eye shadow on the inner until mid part of your lids.

Step 3: Pat on a brighter & shimmery green eye shadow on top of the light green eye shadow.

Step 4: Add a darker & matte green on the mid until the outer part of your lids.

Step 5: Using a blending brush, sweep brown over your crease, this will help blend out the harsh edges.

Step 6: Pile on some mascara.

Step 7: Add on a a winged eye liner! 😀


Street Fashion Fun!

I was lucky enough to collaborate with an amazing Australian photographer last month! He was on his was to the Philippines and he was looking for make-up artists and models to shoot with in his short visit and fortunately, I was one of the few who got that chance!

I was actually surprised to find out that he was a foreigner, and Australian to be specific. I really thought that he was a FIlipino the whole time we were exchanging e-mails. I didn’t know until the model, my friend and I were already in the hotel lobby waiting for him to go down. I was very much curious and since I knew that the model had previously worked with him, I just had to ask her. Hahaha!

Anyway, the shoot went by quick. It only took us over 4 hours for both looks. I decided not to change her hair for the 2nd look anymore since I thought it was still went well with the look. The shoot was done in one of the busy streets of Makati, we started preparing at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and Michael began taking photos at around 6 in the evening. I must say though, I was really glad my friend-and fellow make-up artist- was there to help out since she knew a but about photography. She was able to help both me and the photographer a lot!

Here’s a few samples of the looks I did that night 🙂




Oops. I can’t seem to post the other photos, the files might bee too big. Oh well..

I’ll try to post the rest of the shots next time..


Much love!

Nadine 🙂


Trying out pop art make-up :)

…also tagged as the “comic book make-up”. 

So yesterday, I was on leave from work because I was supposed to attend a Christmas party. Unfortunately, I had a very bad migraine and was in no mood to go to a party. I was, however, in the mood to put on make-up. hahaha!

One look that has become very popular these days (particularly last Halloween season) is the “comic book/cartoon character make-up” or “Pop art Make-up”. And I thought that yesterday was the perfect day to try it! LOL!

And so I did…



I didn’t realize it would be that fun! All my pictures looked funny to me! hahaha!

You can also view more pictures from my page:

Much love,