Trying out pop art make-up :)

…also tagged as the “comic book make-up”. 

So yesterday, I was on leave from work because I was supposed to attend a Christmas party. Unfortunately, I had a very bad migraine and was in no mood to go to a party. I was, however, in the mood to put on make-up. hahaha!

One look that has become very popular these days (particularly last Halloween season) is the “comic book/cartoon character make-up” or “Pop art Make-up”. And I thought that yesterday was the perfect day to try it! LOL!

And so I did…



I didn’t realize it would be that fun! All my pictures looked funny to me! hahaha!

You can also view more pictures from my page:

Much love,



2 thoughts on “Trying out pop art make-up :)

  1. I tried to do the pop art makeup and it looked soo funny to me too! Didn’t have the guts to actually post it up on my blog, but maybe now I can. 😀 Yours look really nice, btw!

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