Pageant Hair and Make-up!

So it was my first time to do hair and make-up for a pageant, I didn’t realize how fun (altough tiring) it would be!

My client is a student from Mapua Institute of Technology, she is currently taking up and engineering course (Beauty and brains I tell you!).

She was a pleasant girl and my clients were both her and her partner. I was there for 9 solid hours but I didn’t even notice that 9 hous had gone by. Eventhough I knew I have been there for hours, I had a lot of fun doing different looks and chit chatting with the other make-up artists.

Here are a few photos (that I grabbed from my clients’ facebook page with her consent – just so we’re clear! LOL):




And, here are a few close up pictures that I was able to take from my (not so clear) camera that needs replacement. HAHA!



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